Become an Expert in Alexandria

Alexandria University is a free video training program that will educate you on how to use the basic functions of Alexandria Library Automation Software. Use this program to supplement your training during on-boarding or to freshen your knowledge at the beginning of each school year.

Ready to Begin?

It's easy to learn how to use Alexandria, because Alexandria is easy to use!
Even better, Alexandria University is free and fun.

Meet Our Trainers

Our team of certified trainers are committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience! Whether you’re a new user or a seasoned veteran, with Alexandria University we take pride in helping our customers successfully use the power that Alexandria offers.
Chad is our Training Department Manager and works to support our amazing Certified Training Coaches. He is constantly developing and spearheading additional training solutions to support our customer needs. His objective is to ensure COMPanion provides stellar training services each and every time. His personal time is spent with his wife and two year old daughter. He also enjoys outdoor recreation including golf, running, and water sports.

Jake has been with COMPanion for three years, and has served in several roles within the company. Currently as one of our Certified Training Coaches, he assists in the set-up, implementation, and training of our softwares, as well as developing continuing education materials for our products. Outside the office he is always looking to encourage growth and improvement where ever he is. From volunteering with local charities and food banks to building a business aimed at ending hunger and poverty, he is always looking for a creative solution to any problem.

Josh Hutchings is one of our Lead Trainers and a long-time member of our awesome Customer Support Team. As the KeepnTrack featured expert, Josh is one of the first faces, or voices, that most of our clients work with when setting up and learning our software. One of his passions is offering his time to others; as a volunteer he has created self-sufficient daycares in Kathmandu and chatted up Robert Redford while working with the Sundance Film Festival.

Cenica has been part of the COMPanion Technical Services Team for two years. Cenica has always enjoyed helping others and finds it very rewarding to be able to help customers navigate through the program. In her spare time she loves to travel, whether that is camping in Utah’s beautiful deserts or visiting her family in Colombia. While not at work or on the road, Cenica can usually be found listening to the Harry Potter series on tape while trying out a new recipe in the kitchen or working in her garden.

Isaac has been part of the COMPanion Technical Services Team for over a year and has always been willing to go the extra mile with helping customers. In his spare time he loves to go camping with his family and friends as well as ski in the winter months. When he’s not at work you can find him out on a run or in the mountains with his dog.