1.4 Item Management Navigation

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Essentials for Navigating Item Management


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After spending some time in items management, I am sure you have noticed a few other icons and are probably wondering how to edit and even remove copies or title records. We will teach you all about that in this course. Let’s start with the sorting icon. In the bottom left hand corner of items management, you will notice an icon that looks like a piece of paper with the right hand corner folded over. This allows you to sort your results in the above list. Just click on it, and your “sort by options” will appear. Select the one that best suits you. To the right of the sorting icon is a “magnifying glass.” This allows you to perform a search. Searching will help you find records that you may want to modify or remove. Now let’s move to the top of the items management window. To the right of the “titles” and “copies” tab, you will see a padlock. This allows you to unlock the record to modify fields. After you have found record you wish to modify, you can now unlock the record for editing purposes. Last is the “gear” icon. The gear has different functions depending on if you are on the “titles” or “copies” tab. If you’re on the “titles” tab, click on the gear. To keep it simple, let’s just discuss removing a title record for now. In this menu, you will see “remove title” as an option. Take note, if you mean to remove the title, this will remove the title and all copies. So be very careful. Often times your intention is to remove a copy. To remove the copy, all you have to do is click on the “copies” tab. This will show you all the copies associated with this title. Highlight the barcode on the right hand side, you can then click on the gear and select “remove copy.” This will complete that action. Click “save” and you’re done. There is more to cover on these topics, so don’t worry, we will get to the other options in the gear menu. At this point, you should be able to quickly catalog your books and be ready to circulate! Before we do, in our next group of courses, we will discuss creating barcode labels and printing them out for your newly cataloged books!