1.1 Creating MARC Records

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How to find MARC records through Z39.50 searches


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If you are watching this, then class is in session! This course will cover creating MARC records in Alexandria. You will find how simple the process is to create your catalog. In most cases, you will have had a conversion done which will bring your collection into Alexandria. You may also import files from your favorite vendors. There will come a time that you will need to create a record from scratch. Let’s get started! First, click on the Items icon from the Circulation screen. This will take you into Item Management. Item Management is where all the records you create reside. There are two ways that you begin adding new records in Alexandria. You can click the Plus button in the lower left hand corner, or, you can click the Create a Title button in the middle of the screen. The MARC search assistant will then open. This screen will allow you to search for MARC records by several methods. The first and simplest way is to scan the ISBN of your book. Once the ISBN is in, click Search. This will begin returning results from a few notable libraries, one being the Library of Congress. One thing to take into consideration, check the Search for books only checkbox if you are only looking for books. This will alleviate the possibility of getting audio books, dvd’s and other materials relating to the book you are searching for. If you don’t see results returning, you may want to try one of the different fields offered to perform your search. Click on the Back button. This will return you to the MARC search Assistant where you will be able to start a new search with any of the other available options. Once you start to see results return, you will notice several things. If the records are in bold and the location says local, this means that this title is already in your collection. Which means, that you would want to add another copy to the existing record record. If you don’t see them in bold, you will want to look through the results. When you highlight a record, you will see all of the the different tag fields the record offers. The more you see, the more complete the record is. Some other points to notice. You will see the title, medium and location. This will ensure you select the record that best suits your needs. Simply highlight the record and click Continue. Before you move forward, there is more to learn before you save your record! See you in the next course!