1.2 Adding Title Records

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The finishing touches on adding and altering title records


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Now that you have your MARC record, let’s learn a few things that you will want to look at before saving. Once you select your record from the MARC assistant search, you will notice that Alexandria does the work for you. It will add the information in the record into the appropriate fields. However, there are a few things you will want to look at before just saving the record. The first thing is the call number. You will notice that the call number used came from the record you selected. Since these records are sourced from different libraries, you will want to adjust the call number to fit your call number convention. For example, if you see the Dewey number in this field, but you label your call numbers by FIC you will want to change that. Make sure you do, otherwise your patrons will have issues finding your books on the shelves when searching your collection. After you have taken care of that, you will notice several other tabs across the top of the record. After creating a title record, it will always default to the publication tab. You will notice that there are several other tabs as well. There are subjects, terms, notes, other and study programs. You will want to look through these tabs to ensure all of the information imported correctly. In the other tab, you can select the magnetic medium, but you may also add links! This allows you to put relevant links that will show up in search. Perhaps you know of a great interview of the author on youtube, you can add a link to that video which your patrons may access right through search. To do so, click add. Once you do, you will be given the option to give a link description and you will be able to paste the link in the link URL field. If you wish, you can then click test to ensure that it worked. Click add and you’re done! Last but not least is study programs. If you need add study programs, you may add study programs that are relevant to the book. Such as the lexile score or Accelerated Reader reading level. Click the plus button, you will be able to select from the study programs that you use. Once added, off to the right you will see the different fields that will allow you put the values pertinent to book you’re cataloging. Once you have covered all these steps go ahead and click save in the upper right hand corner. Congratulations! You have created your very own title record in a few easy steps! Our next course we will complete our record by creating the physical copies that you will be circulating in your library!