3.4 Checking Out to Circulation Lines

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How to effectively process your circulation lines


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You’re still with us, that is great. You are on your way to becoming a certified user of Alexandria’s Circulation window. We have covered the “Command line,” “Patron window” and “Item window.” Let’s get into checking your books out. If you recall, there is one rule of thumb before checking out. Do you remember? You must always have a “patron record” in the “patron window” before you checkout. Checking out books in Alexandria is simple and fast. You can process many students in a very short amount of time. Give it a try. Go get several books from your collection. If you’re not in your library, don’t worry, we have you covered. Before we get started let’s do a quick review of what we have learned in these courses. 1. Always check your circulation mode before to verify that you are in “Check out” mode. 2. Bring your patron up first! Scan their ID card, or use the “Look Up” button. 3. Last, simply start scanning the books the student want to check out. As you checkout, you will notice that the status of your book’s will change from available to checked out. It is really that simple. So what happens after you checkout the books to your first patron in line? Do you have to clear the screens out before you help the next student? The answer is no! In fact, it’s easy to transition through your lines! The next patron comes up, you scan their ID or use “Look Up” then check their books out. As you have probably noticed, checking out is very easy! Congratulations, you have made it through our Bachelor’s program! What does this mean? It means you are one step closer to be “officially” certified in using Alexandria. The second part of the certification process is a quick exam to test your knowledge. You can find the link to the exam below. However, this is just the start. It is important to understand all that Alexandria has to offer. We want to share all of the knowledge we have with you. Be sure to sign up for our weekly “tip of the week” and our monthly newsletter.