3.1 Command Line + Circulation Modes

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Utilizing check out and the command line


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In this course, we will discuss the different circulation modes and the command line in Alexandria. The “circulation mode” simply tells you what action you’re performing in Alexandria. The drop down shows you a list of common circulation uses. For now, we will stay in check out. The command line directly to the right of the circulation mode is the hub where you will scan barcodes and enter commands. Make sure your cursor is blinking in the command line. Let’s toggle through a few different circulation modes. Put the letter “B” in the command line and hit return on your keyboard. You will notice that your circulation mode now shows book drop. Now, put a “period” in the command line and enter. This will toggle the circulation mode back to check out. These are just a few of the commands that Alexandria offers. Learning the different circulation modes and simple commands will help you save time, and who doesn’t like to save time. On to the next.