3.3 Using the Item Window

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How to use the item window for information


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Let’s take look at the item window. The item window serves as the information hub for your current item. It gives you essential information regarding the physical items in your library catalog. Let’s explore more about the item window. Directly to the right of the patron window is the item window. Let’s bring up a book. You can find a book by clicking “Look Up” then searching for the book by title. Once you see the book, highlight the record and click “select.” Once an item comes into view, you will see information about the item such as the title of the book, the barcode number, policy, the call number, status, how many copies are available, the condition of the copy, replacement cost and if applicable, the lexile or AR score. You can also see further details of the book by clicking “details.” “Details” gives you full information regarding the MARC record. You will see information such as the summary, authors and illustrators. If you’re looking for statistics about the item, click on “copy stats.” This gives you pertinent information regarding how many lifetime checkouts this copy has had, how many days it’s been in circulation, the date of last use, who it’s checked out by, any reservations that are pending and when the record was last modified and best of all, previous checkouts. Lastly, you can put specific notes regarding this copy. Go ahead and try it out, see how easy it is to quickly find important information regarding your material. On to the next.