3.2 Using the Patron Window

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Explaining how to use the patron window for information


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In this course we will be discussing the “Patron” window in circulation. The “patron management” window serves as a quick way to reference your current patron’s account information. What may not be apparent is how much information this window really displays. To bring a patron up in “Circulation,” you can simply scan the id of a patron, manually type their barcode into the command line, or, simply click the “lookup” button and search by their last name. The first rule of thumb in circulation is always have a patron record up before you begin the check-out process. In the “patron management” window you will see the patron’s name is displayed. You can also see their barcode, homeroom, policy, how many items they have out or overdue, fines owed and if applicable, their Lexile or Reading level. If you’re looking for more in depth information on the patron, you can click on the “details” button. This allows you to view specific details of the patron’s account. You can see the following information. Checked out items Lost items Fines owed Library Card Expiration Patron Status Full monetary details such as balance, charges, payments and credits Full circulation statistics Any notations on the patron’s account Now that you have the necessary skills to bring a patron up in circulation, put these skills to use and familiarize yourself with the areas of the patron window. Let’s move on to the item window.