2.1 Reports + Barcode Labels

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How to find your barcode label report


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In this course we will show you a few things. First, some basics on how to use Alexandria’s reporting module. Second, different label types and configurations. Let’s start by taking a quick look at the reporting module. From the “circulation” screen click on “Tools.” The “tools” menu is where all of the backend features of Alexandria reside. For reports click on “Reports” in the upper left hand corner. This will take you into the reporting module. While Alexandria’s reporting module is very robust there are simple tools at your disposal to quickly access the report you’re looking for. Let’s start with “Categories.” “Categories” is broken down into the different areas of Alexandria you can run reports on. Can you guess where your copy label reports reside? If you guessed copies, you are correct. You will notice that off to the left hand side of each category, there is a little “arrow” icon. Click on this icon to the left of copies. You will notice that this expends the subcategories of copies. A few selections down you will see “labels” and “legacy”. Let’s discuss the difference. “Labels” contains something new to Alexandria version 7. The ability to customize how your barcode labels and spine labels look. “Legacy,” refers to our old barcode and spine labels which offered no customization. We will cover the difference between the two a little later on. Now that you have learned about categories and subcategories. Let us show you how to use the search feature in reports. Go ahead and click on “all reports” under “categories.” Once you do, move your mouse to the search box and click on it. Once your cursor is blinking, go ahead and type in labels. You will notice that Alexandria filters out reports that have the word label in them. Easy right? Keep in mind, if you use search, it will search the category you have highlighted on the left. If you’re searching for labels and you are clicked on the circulation category, no label reports will come up. Just make sure you keep that in mind. If you don’t know what category a report is under, click on all reports then perform your search. One last thing to remember. When searching, only common terms will be deliver results. We use standard industry terms like, overdue, patrons, labels, statistics, lost, and discarded. If a search does not deliver any results, try to rephrase the search term. Now that you have a basic understanding on how to find your labels, let’s move on to creating the labels you want.